We’ve tried to include all things power-related in this category.  Here you will find power supplies and the ancillary parts and hardware kits that relate to their deployment, for the following.

Servers – for tower and rack mount, blade chassis, specialist open frame units.  These may be fixed or more likely hotplug/hotswap (depending on which brand you are dealing with). Any but entry level machines will most likely have redudant PSUs to minimise downtime in the event of one unit failing.

PC & workstation internal PSUs. From the original IBM standards, XT and AT through ATX, ATX 2.0, ATX 3.0.  Most modern PC pwr supplies will be either ATX12V, SFX12V (Small Form Factor), TFX12V (Thin Form Factor) .

They may country/voltage specific, switchable or auto-switching between 110V and 220-240V.

Internal pwr supplies for switches, routers, security devices and more.

Pwr adaptors/chargers for laptops, USFF (Ultra Small Form Factor) PCs, peripherals and accessories.  This includes smaller networking equipment and some printers / scanners / MFPs.

PDU (Pwr Distribution Unit), for use with both cabinet and rack.

UPS (Uninterruptible Pwr Supply), backup pwr systems to ensure continuity should mains power go down, including both the chassis and replacement cells.  We usually have branded originals and OEM or 3rd party replacements (often significantly more cost effective) available.

VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) is a device to reduce the voltage from a PSU (usually +12 V, +5 V or +3.3 V), to the lower voltage required by processors and chipsets.

Pwr cords (mains cables) are in this section too, but we’ve put all other cables into their own category.

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