Original and third party memory options from all of the big manufacturers are in this category, including all the OEMs as well as SK Hynix, Kingston, Crucial, Micron, Samsung, Intel, Infineon etc.

Upgrades for servers, desktops, laptops and other devices make up the largest part of this section, but you will also find mem cards and expansion boards here.  Also, cache expansion cards for processor boards and RAID cards etc., firmware and ROM modules.

Some of the terms and acronyms you will see in our product descriptions include the following:

  • RAM (Random Access Mem.)
  • SRAM (Static Random Access Mem.)
  • DIMMs (Dual Inline Mem. Module)
  • RDIMMs (Registered DIMM)
  • DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Mem.)
  • EDO DRAM (Extended Data Out DRAM)
  • FPM DRAM (Fast Page Mode DRAM)
  • RDRAM (Rambus DRAM)
  • SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Mem.)
  • UDIMM (unregistered DIMM)
  • SODIMM (Small Outline DIMM)
  • SIMMs (Single Inline Mem. Module)
  • Single Rank / Dual Rank
  • DDR (Double Data Rate)
  • ROMs (Read-Only Mem.)
  • PROM (Programmable Read Only Mem.)
  • EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Mem.)
  • EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Mem.)
  • ECC (Error Correction Code)
  • BBWC (Battery-Backed Write Cache)
  • Chipkill/non-Chipkill (a proprietory form of ECC by IBM for error checking)
  • Parity/non-Parity RAM (an earlier form of error checking for mem., pre-dating ECC) and
  • Registered or buffered and unregistered or unbuffered.

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