Chassis & Plastics

This category  is where you will find all the structural components of systems and peripherals, the chassis & plastics.  A small selection is included below:

Full chassis for all form factors of PC : full-, midi-,  mini-tower, desktop, CMT (Convertible MiniTower) SFF (Small Form Factor), USFF (Ultra Small Form Factor) etc and servers (rackmount, tower, bladecenter). High end laptops, external storage devices such as tape drives and tape libraries, RAID boxes and NAS.  Also outer cases, covers and rear panels for the above.

Items related to internal airflow such as heatshields, baffles and ducts.

Internal sub-structures such as hard drive cages, power cages, riser cages, fan cages and midplanes.

Mechanical parts and magazines for tape libraries.  Slides / rails and sleds for drives, picker arm assemblies and related robotic parts.

Full front bezels for PCs and servers, smaller bezels for the front of optical drives and bays.  Blanking / filler plates for empty and/or redundant drive bays, fans, card slots and power supplies.

Laptop plastics, including LCD bezels, keyboard bezels, hard drive- and port covers, top covers, palmrests, hinge covers, card slots and base plastics / bottom assemblies.

Brackets for supporting and retaining components.

Locks and keys, door hinges, retaining latches and catches.

Doors, inspection panels and port covers.

On / off power buttons and light diagnostics panels.

We also use this section as a catch-all for miscellaneous plastic and metal trim and minor internal parts that it’s difficult to place in other categories. Things such as labels, wire clips, hardware kits and so forth.

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