Other Networking

Our Other Networking category is comprised of all products that fall under the description of Networking, but don’t quite fit into one of the other sections, in other words “everything else”!

We’ve included here such parts as:

  • Transceivers / GBICs (Gigabit Interface Converters)/ SFPs (Small Form-factor Pluggable transceivers or mini-GBICs) / SFP+ / XFPs / QSFPs (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable transceivers)

Plug-in modules for switches, including

  • Pass-thru modules
  • Fabric modules
  • VPN modules
  • Load balancing modules
  • Management modules
  • Monitoring modules
  • PoE modules
  • Multimedia extenders
  • Fibre hubs
  • Ethernet extenders
  • USB extenders
  • Remote access cards
  • Coax cards
  • Media converters
  • Bluetooth
  • VOIP Gateways

Legacy equipment such as Token Ring equipment (ISA, PCI and Cardbus/PCMCIA adaptors), PCMCIA network cards, multiplexers (or “mux”), ethernet hubs and others.

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