Fans & Thermal Modules

Encompassing all types of assembly that are used to dissipate excess heat from a component – (CPU, GPU, memory bank) – or space (computer, server or laptop case, server rack or blade chassis).

Heatsink-Fan (HSF) assemblies for processors, GPUs and memory generally comprise of a chunk of thermally conductive metal. This is almost exclusively copper or aluminium and usually bears an array of fins.  There is a thin layer of thermally conductive paste sandwiched between the heatsink and the component.  An arrangement of screws and/or spring clips holds the two fimly together. This forms a continuous bridge ensuring that heat is transferred evenly away from the component.  A brushless fan mounted on top then draws a current of air across the heatsink and away from the source.

Passive heatsink/thermal modules rely solely on the conductive effect of the metal heatsink and do not have a fan.  This arrangement tends to be favoured when thermal output is less (because the system has a lower power processor or case ventilation is superior). Also, if noise is an issue – the addition of  a fan can generate a lot of decibels.

Case fans consist of the fan only, drawing cool air into the case and expelling hot air. Cheaper or lower-power systems can have a single fan at the rear, or sometyimes one or more mounted front and rear (cool in at the front, hot out of the back). Some budget systems rely solely on the fan in the PSU for case ventilation.  Higher end equipment will typically have at least one fan front and rear.  Business machines (workstations, servers) usually carry at least one redundant fan in case of failure.

Blowers are a larger diameter fan that spin a very high RPM, which are often fitted together in banks or cages.  This enables them to force large volumes of air through server cabinets, where huge amounts of heat can be produced.  They can move many cubic feet per minute each. Generally seen in datacentres, or at least dedicated server rooms, noise isn’t such a problem here.  This is just as well because they can be extremely loud.

As well as the major system manufacturers’ own spares from HP, Lenovo, IBM, Compaq, DEC, Dell, Sun etc, we also supply OEM and third party fans & thermal modules.  CoolerMaster, Evercool, ADDA, AVC, Delta, Foxconn, Everflow, Forceconn, NMB, Panaflo, Minebea, Kipo, Intel, JMC, Jamicon, Sunon and more.

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